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Computer Relay

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  1. By Kazrahn on
    Nov 28,  · This FACOM B was designed in and built in , and is part of Fujitsu's (and Japan's) first commercial computers series. It uses over 5, relays, and still .
  2. By Dougal on
    Apr 15,  · The EEC Power Relay not only supplies battery voltage to the fuel injection computer (also known as the E.E.C. Electronic Control Assembly), but also supplies power to the fuel injectors, the fuel pump relay, and a few other emissions related solenoids.
  3. By Goltilar on
    Feel and see how computation works - with Konrad Zuse style. There are NO diodes involved - a relay computer with semiconductor logic is not a realay computer, so all logic will be based solely on relays. One motor will be driving the program tape. However, the relays have LEDs to show if they are on - but they don´t have any logic function, they can be replaced by lightbulbs or left out.
  4. By Taushicage on
    1 Introduction to computer relaying 1 Development of computer relaying 1 Historical background 2 Expected benefits of computer relaying 3 Cost 3 Self-checking and reliability 4 System integration and digital environment 4 Functional flexibility and adaptive relaying 5 Computer relay architecture 6.
  5. By Mutaxe on
    Computer Control Relay (1R) by WVE®. Replace your worn-out or faulty component with this quality replacement from WVE. This product is designed and .
  6. By Dodal on
    The main relay helps to ensure that the engine computer gets the power that it needs to run and function as intended. The main relay is usually located underneath the hood in the relay box. The high heat that this relay is exposed to can create a lot of damage over time.
  7. By Fenrilrajas on
    This page will describe how to connect and control a relay or other switch based device from the parallel port of your computer. This can be used for a cheap homebrewed home automation solution for turning on and off lights, or for using a computer to operate and/or replace a switch or button in some other conventional appliance.
  8. By Mejinn on
    Types of PC mountable relays include subminiature size relays, low-power coil relays, latching type relays, plastic/epoxy sealed relays, vented cover fully-enclosed relays, low-power consumption relays, miniature power relays, PC board spacing relays, pin spacing relays & low-profile immersion-proof relays.
  9. By Tozuru on
    Internet Protocol Relay Service allows persons with a hearing or speech disability to use Telecommunications Relay Service through a computer or web-enabled device to communicate through the telephone system with hearing persons. How IP Relay Service works. IP Relay is accessible through the Internet rather than a TTY or telephone, allowing.

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